Friday, September 3, 2010

And now, for more news

It was October when I updated last. And it looks like I apologized then, too. Well a lot has happened including a breakup, a retirement, an addition, and we're even in the midst of another move...

Pepper has moved to greener pastures. She's gone to live with her boyfriend, Mozart the unicorn. It's best for her, and we're very happy for her. Green grass all around.

Tule and Dillon manage to make me love them more every day. It seems like each time I ask Tule to try something new he says, "Okay, that will be fine." Dillon is working on being a good horse too, although he has a stubborn streak. I prefer "stubborn" to "lazy." It might be a toss-up.

We are moving the two geldings to a private barn next week. I'm tired of them living on a dry lot. It's more of a story than I feel like writing now, but we're moving to a wonderful place with three grassy fields just for my two boys.

The addition is Toby, a yearling stud colt. And he's temporary. I am essentially rescuing him from a very bad situation, putting training time into him to make him a Decent Horse, and then re-homing him. He needs to find his soul mate and that isn't me.

I'll attempt to write again but no promises!