Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dead head, for real

I think Tule might have something with permanent nerve damage on his poll. Today he "set back" on his halter while tied to a rather solid post and he practically went to his haunches...the halter didn't break, the rope didn't give, the post stayed in its concrete...and it appeared to have no effect on him whatsoever. I mean he swung on the end of that rope, practically, like Tarzan. (All because I wanted to use the spray bottle of mane-n-tail detangler, the silly doofus...he hates spray bottles.) A horse is supposed to "give" to pressure on the poll and Tule didn't give one fraction of an inch. He chose to come back to reality and step forward...I watched him do it.

All three got pedicures yesterday. Pepper even got a pretty new set of dancin' shoes. Which means her out of shape tushie is going back to work. I put that into motion today...lift your glass to celebrate a "first" with me...I got on her bareback in the pasture, from the ground no assistance of any kind. No mounting block, no round bale holder, no tree stump, just me. Ta da!

The farm manager moved my trailer, a place where I can't actually hook up my truck. So when I got there this afternoon wanting to practice with Dillon...I couldn't. And I got a little pissy about that too. It's seriously inaccessible, and that means in any situation I can't use it the way it's sitting. He must have used the little farm tractor to move it, not his truck. So now I'll have to ask him to wiggle it around....*sigh*

Beautiful day today. Should have been riding...but had other things to do. Dang it when life gets in the way. But maybe tomorrow I can get out for a least I did get Tule excavated out of the mud.

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