Friday, January 30, 2009

So what if it's cold

Horses live outside. Well, they're supposed to live outside, at least. Tule and Dillon both have stalls in the barn and sleep under cover at night. Dillon will move to the pasture on April 1st. Anyways I'm reminded of this fact of life on days like today, when it never got over 34 degrees and yet there I was, at the barn, playing with horses.

Pepper needs to learn respect. She's a good mare, she's calm and dependable...just don't ask her to actually do anything. She wants to eat, and be petted, and wander aimlessly around the field for the rest of her life. Actual work is not something she is interested in doing! However, I'm not exactly interested in supporting this indolent lifestyle as long as she's capable of more, so it's off to school we go. Today we walked down to the lower hayfield, I got on, and we proceeded to discuss the importance of going where one's rider insists. And overall, it was successful. There were occasional moments where she considered rebellion, but for the most part we had a good experience.

Tule already knows what work is, and he loves the attention no matter what, so of course today's ride with him was dreamy. He is having issues with mounting, as in he's been feeling the need to move his feet a lot when I'm trying to haul my fat tushie up there...that's dangerous, so it'll be worked on again and again until he figures that out again. We did a little bit of work in the arena, he's awesome, and then we took a walk down the road. He was great. (I love my horse.)

Dillon got to be last today. He got himself brushed and then I took him for an arena walk, where he got to go over the ground poles. I did get some beautiful photos of him today, too, so I'll be heading over to CVS to print them tomorrow. I know I take too many photos of my horses but I can't help myself.

As I've just figured out how to add photos to my posts, I am going to add in a few!

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