Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy Trails

On Wednesday, Tule and I joined up in a posse and hit the trails at Dupont State Forest. There were four of us; Flicka and Teri, Apache and Rhonda, Shawn and Manzie, and Tule and me. We left the barn at about 9:30 and were on the trail at 11:15. Tule never gave me a moment's trouble. He crossed wooden bridges, went over/through a covered bridge, drank out of the river, saw a waterfall, tied to a picket line, and was in general Wonder Horse. (I feel like saying "as usual.")

There were some things along the way that he sure looked at intently, but he didn't spook or freak out about anything.

We spent about four hours total riding. We stopped twice, once for lunch and once to climb around a beautiful waterfall. There were some brief moments of canter and trot but mostly we walked; Manzie is a TWH so Shawn did step out a little but we did all stay together for the most part.

Now, if I can just get Tule on our trailer...we'll be unstoppable. (There, I've admitted he has one flaw.)

Here we are in front of the first waterfall!

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  1. Trailers, huh? Everyone has to have their "thing"...glad to know Tule is human - er, I mean...well, you know... ;)