Wednesday, February 18, 2009

With limited commercial interruptions

I had to work today. That's a sentence I have to dissect! First, few people "like" to go to work, right? And I don't claim to be some heroic exception to that. But I will say, I love my job. I wish there were fewer people involved with it, certainly, and there are times I'm in tears over things that happen....but you should see my co-workers.
Big, beautiful, amazing Belgians. And how I love them so!

Today the working pair were Brad (in the photo above) and Pat, and I'm kind of getting over dealing with the same two over and's just worked out that way in the rotation, and Brad is my special darling, but I want to work with Bill and Chester more! Or Jesse, he's a hoot and a half :) Or Duke, who needs the work...Willie and Waylon are dollbabies too...and of course, there's Doc, such a sweetie peach. Nine all together, and not a bad egg in the bunch. When I started there, I almost immediately laid claim to Brad, so when he retires he's coming home with me. He's already 19.2 and he still has some growing to do! And he's such a unique individual. He plays any water he can find...the troughs, puddles, you name it his feet are in it.
I work again the rain, snow, cold, wind, I don't care. I love the boys!

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